While I use many apps, one of my favorites has to be Alfred. It comes with a lot of functionality built in. But my absolute favorite has to be the searches.

As a short summary, Alfred can launch applications and find files on your Mac or on the web by using hotkeys, keywords and allowing you to customize what you want to search, while keeping your fingers actively on your keyboard. There are some tiers involved, such as free version, a “powerpack” version and a remote version. Free works just fine with =) Also, Alfred available in the app store and on their site www.alfredapp.com

Now onto web searches, so on occasion I leave the port 3000 running on my projects by accident or maybe subconscious sabotage. So i will frequently have to search for the proper commands to kill them manually via the terminal. To help the process a bit I can user launch alfred with my programmed Alfred Hotkey.

As my default it will search google for me when I hit enter, opening a new tab on my browser and running the search, and if i wanted to search on wikipedia and amazon, Idk.

A quick enter, my browser will open or start a new tab with my results.

While this saves me time and having to reach my mouse, the custom searches are definitely my favorite. As an example, if I needed to search Stack Overflow for this specific issue such as my zombie port, I could ask alfred to search their site for me, leveraging their search feature on their home page. My first step would be to enter what I’m looking for such “Kill port 3000 on mac”

While I do get the results page, and the top article for my specific issue. What I’m more interested in the actual url, which I will re-use to be more dynamic with my alfred custom search.

Having this string I can now go to my Alfred preferences. Moving into Features, then clicking on custom searches, I can now add this to the very minimal list I have.

Which bring up my prompt, for adding the info to integrate this search function as part of my alfred, using the url of my search.

I will need to cut the words from my search, and replace it with {query}, to now read https://stackoverflow.com/search?q={query}. Then, when prompted, Alfred will pass my search words into the url, as intended. I’ve also given it a title “stack overflow ”and a keyword “so” Alfred knows where it should be searching, and just click add.

Now saved I will see it on the bottom of my list, available for me to use when hitting my hotkey, typing in the keyword and then my search terms.

Not too shabby, and of course, should there be a site I visit and search on consistently for some documentation or for answers, I can also add it to my list making it much easier for me search in less steps. On a final note, there is so much more Alfred can do so definitely check it out.

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